mcb distribution box

An MCB distribution box, also known as a miniature circuit breaker distribution box, is an electrical enclosure that houses multiple miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) used for circuit protection and distribution within a building or premises. It is a crucial component of the electrical distribution system, providing a central location for controlling and protecting electrical circuits.

Here are some key features and functions of an MCB distribution box:

1. Circuit Protection: The MCB distribution box contains individual MCBs that act as protective devices for different circuits. MCBs are designed to trip and disconnect the power supply in the event of overcurrent, short circuits, or electrical faults, preventing damage to the wiring and electrical equipment.

2. Circuit Distribution: The distribution box serves as a central point for distributing power to various circuits within a building. It typically receives power from the main power source, such as the electrical service panel or distribution board, and distributes it to different circuits or subcircuits in the premises.

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